blm-2015People have long gotten out of hand. We learned to tolerate injustice and mistreatment of one another especially if the mistreatment and injustice was directed towards someone who did not look like us.

That’s our problem as humanity, we have not learned to live together as one people while sharing and working in cooperation for the betterment of all. I don’t know how it started, my best guess is greed is at the root. The desire to acquire more than you and I’ll kill you to get what you have.

We certainly don’t listen to one another. Not to understand one another anyway; and mass media capitalizes on our discord and sells it back to us. All lives matter that’s absolutely true. That does not mean however that black lives do not matter nor does black lives matter mean that black lives matter more than any other lives. Saying black lives matter does not mean that non-black lives do not matter. If all lives do indeed ma
tter, then saying black lives matter should not be so hard. Why is it? We can’t we as Americans collectively say it?

Unfortunately however, we as humanity seem to be reactionary and ready to besmirch one another in an instant. Generally based on misinformation, half truths, misunderstanding, and in many cases flat out lies. Reading how we react to one another is disheartening to say the least. I have faith that we will one day blm-2-2015overcome these issues.

We have to learn to value one another in spite of differences.  Black lives have to matter as a value statement and it has to show in our collective actions.  Before we’re so quick to dismissively rebuke BLM with a pretentious “All lives matter” we should at the very least ask ourselves do we mean black lives too? Do we really believe all lives matter, including black lives? There are far too many ways to dismiss black lives and more importantly, black concerns, as trivial and meaningless.  We start throwing out tangential, straw arguments about black on black crime and absent fathers rather than just say, “Yes, black lives matter too.”