SDBPOA presents The 9th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive Wednesday November 18, 2015

SDBPOA presents The 9th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive Wednesday November 18, 2015

Attention BPOA members.  This coming Wednesday November 18 2015 the BPOA

will12108019_1396051377106682_3466494463472087037_n sponsor the 9th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive, from 5:30-8:00 pm (event starts at 6) hosted by SDPD Southeastern Division, 7222 Skyline Dr. 

This year we will be working together to provide Thanksgiving Dinners to 100 families in our community !!! Members are encouraged to come help out by handing out dinners to the participating families.  Please arrive between 5:30 pm & 6:00 pm at SD Division.  If you have a BPOA shirt or jacket, please wear it to the event.  If you do not, come as you are.

Sponsored by: 
SDBPOA, Brothers United Firefighters, SD Fire Local 145,  NFLPA SD, Phi Beta Sigma, Blue Heart Foundation, SDPD SE Division, and Northgate Markets. 
Congratulations Lieutenant Steve Hutchinson on your retirement!!!

Congratulations Lieutenant Steve Hutchinson on your retirement!!!

The SDBPOA congratulates NBPA Region 1 Treasurer/SDBPOA Director (and former BPOA President) Lieutenant Steven Hutchinson as he retires after 32 years of dedicated service with the San Diego Police Department, and San Diego Black Police Officers Association (SDBPOA).

Steve, like many past BPOA Presidents, has been an association pillar as a BPOA leader. He is part of a cast of members who lead from the front, showing his passion and commitment to the NBPA and the BPOA. Moreover, Steve is someone I have counted on for his reliability. Steve wore many hats for the BPOA, not only as a former President, he held nearly every position on the board during his career. He was also the BPOA’s historian, resident DJ (as DJ Hutch Cat), and signature drink wombat mixologist. If you have had the wombat (and can remember) you know what I’m talking about.

As Steve retires from the SDPD Traffic Motor Unit (his dream job with the police department), he won’t be too far away as he starts his new job with the San Diego County District Attorney Bureau of Investigation as a DA Investigator.

On behalf of the SDBPOA I thank you Brother Steve Hutchinson for your overwhelming commitment, support, dedication to the SDBPOA and personally for your decades of friendship. You and Bryan were there the day I graduated the academy, and we’ve been friends ever since.


The Demonization of BLM

The Demonization of BLM

blm-2015People have long gotten out of hand. We learned to tolerate injustice and mistreatment of one another especially if the mistreatment and injustice was directed towards someone who did not look like us.

That’s our problem as humanity, we have not learned to live together as one people while sharing and working in cooperation for the betterment of all. I don’t know how it started, my best guess is greed is at the root. The desire to acquire more than you and I’ll kill you to get what you have.

We certainly don’t listen to one another. Not to understand one another anyway; and mass media capitalizes on our discord and sells it back to us. All lives matter that’s absolutely true. That does not mean however that black lives do not matter nor does black lives matter mean that black lives matter more than any other lives. Saying black lives matter does not mean that non-black lives do not matter. If all lives do indeed ma
tter, then saying black lives matter should not be so hard. Why is it? We can’t we as Americans collectively say it?

Unfortunately however, we as humanity seem to be reactionary and ready to besmirch one another in an instant. Generally based on misinformation, half truths, misunderstanding, and in many cases flat out lies. Reading how we react to one another is disheartening to say the least. I have faith that we will one day blm-2-2015overcome these issues.

We have to learn to value one another in spite of differences.  Black lives have to matter as a value statement and it has to show in our collective actions.  Before we’re so quick to dismissively rebuke BLM with a pretentious “All lives matter” we should at the very least ask ourselves do we mean black lives too? Do we really believe all lives matter, including black lives? There are far too many ways to dismiss black lives and more importantly, black concerns, as trivial and meaningless.  We start throwing out tangential, straw arguments about black on black crime and absent fathers rather than just say, “Yes, black lives matter too.”

Congratulations New SDPD Promotees

Congratulations New SDPD Promotees


Special Congratulations BPOA members EDWIN R. GARRETTE & OMAR T. SINCLAIR on their well deserved promotion to Police Sergeant!!!  

Congrats to the remaining members of the SDPD whom were promoted to Sergeant and Detective today. – BPOA

BPOA Business Meeting September 10, 2015

BPOA Business Meeting September 10, 2015

BPOA-Special-logoThank you to those who came to the Business Meeting.  It has been more than a decade since our bylaws have been updated.  A bylaws committee will be convened to consider possible revisions and updates.

Please review the BPOA Constitution & Bylaws  BPOA Constitution

Standing Committees – BPOA members are needed to help with BPOA standing committees.  Committee work will give members an opportunity to be a part of the decision making process in the direction of the organization.  Per the Bylaws, the President can appoint members to various BPOA committees.  One of our goals is to organize an official 501 (c) 3 and 501 (c) 6 foundation under the BPOA.  Currently the BPOA falls under the umbrella of our National Black Police Association’s for business.
Executive Board – There are several open positions on the Executive Board.  The BPOA is currently conducting and internal review of all organisational materials. Upon completion of the review, we plan to appoint an election committee to organise nominations to the BPOA Board of Directors.
The President has the authority per the bylaws to call for elections out of cycle.  Currently the bylaws call for the election committee to be appointed in the spring, elections held shortly thereafter, and newly voted in Board Members take office in July according to the fiscal year calendar.  In order to be nominated to the BPOA Board of Directors a member must be a regular member in good standing, have 3 years experience with a San Diego County law enforcement agency, 3 years of BPOA membership.
Board members must be able to commit time to organization activities.  A board member missing 3 consecutive meetings or activities is considered resigning from the board.  The President may appoint members to the board to fill vacancies in the board between elections.
  • Website <> We are planning on a website upgrade to Divi Format.  This new format features a more interactive, enhanced website face, and more interactive media.
  •  Brochure – A new BPOA trifold is in the works.  The BPOA is already listed in the City of San Diego’s Employee Organization Guide trifold.
  • Events 
    • SEPTEMBER – We are still looking for a few more members to attend the IAMBK Gala this coming Friday September, 18, 2015.
      • Charles Drew Blood Drive & Health Fair coming September 27, 2015 @ Skyline Recreation Center
      • OCTOBER – H.E.A.R.T. Workshop October 10, 2015 at SDSU 8am – Bro. Thomas, Bro. Hutchinson attending.
      • Handbags of Hope Across America, October 10, 2015 @ 1100 Broadway from – 11am – 2pm
      • Meeting – October 22, 2015 at 4pm @ Bros United Fire Fighters
      • NOVEMBER – Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Drive @ Southeastern Division – November 15, 2015 – 5pm-8pm
SDPD retiree files discrimination lawsuit against CVPD

SDPD retiree files discrimination lawsuit against CVPD

imageSAN DIEGO — A veteran police officer who was fired from the Chula Vista Police Department after he complained of offensive comments by training officers has filed a lawsuit, saying he was retaliated and discriminated against by his former employers.

David Mitchell, 61, was invited to apply for a job in Chula Vista in December 2014 after he retired from the San Diego Police Department, where he had worked for 24 years and reached the rank of lieutenant, according to court documents. His application was accepted in April, after which he began a 10-week training period.

Mitchell, who is black, said in the lawsuit that he was “subjected to racist and inappropriate language” by his supervisors. On one occasion, he said, he and a field training officer were in a patrol car near Woodlawn Park, when the training officer told him: “They used to call this ‘n—– hill.’”

On another occasion, a training officer used the word “jigaboo” when describing a home where police had responded to a domestic violence call.

Bart Miesfeld, a senior assistant city attorney, said he had not yet seen the lawsuit and would not comment on its claims. He said he was familiar with the matter involving Mitchell and the city takes seriously any allegations of misconduct.

Mitchell filed an administrative complaint in June with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing, citing those incidents and others in which he felt he was being treated differently than other trainees. He was placed on administrative leave on July 20.

About a month later, he was told the city had conducted an independent investigation, and concluded that his claims for retaliation and discrimination “were not supported by the evidence.” The next morning he was told he had not passed probation.

“It just doesn’t pass the smell test, “ said attorney Dan Gilleon, who filed the lawsuit on Mitchell’s behalf Wednesday in San Diego Superior Court.

Gilleon said the notion that Mitchell, who had received numerous accolades for his work throughout his career, would be unable to meet the requirements to pass probation is “absurd.”